Like Orange Omega Seamaster Replica

Just as the name suggests, the Omega Seamaster is a tribute to sailors and divers around the world. This very modern design with bold features and striking color accents was launched in the 40s and due to its innovative functions and extreme performances it quickly became a hit. Nowadays, the newer versions of the Seamaster are getting bolder and more stylish than ever. Those who love watches with a unique touch have the same idea in mind, to wear this iconic timepiece.

Omega Seamaster6


And of course, an Omega Seamaster cannot be complete without a genuine looking second hand. Luckily, this replica has the same orange accents as the authentic timepiece. This very small detail contributes to a higher degree of accuracy.

I just love the way the light hits the orange bezel and brightens up the whole appearance of this watch. The buttons are stamped with the Omega logo and are made from solid stainless steel. Rotating and pushing them feels easy and comfortable. Still, these are neither flimsy nor loose. The entire case, back and band are manufactured from durable and solid stainless steel. This makes the watch feel really heavy and resistant, just like any good quality watch should feel like. Also, on the back and on the clasp there are the Omega logo and authenticity markings.

The outside of the this Omega replica seems to be perfect. The bezel is in the correct color and features perfectly designed indexes, the buttons and pushers are nicely crafted and the case and bracelet are polished as to look identical to the genuine ones. Everything has that authentic vibe and feel.

A very nice touch is the iconic Omega seahorse that is printed on the caseback of the replica watch. Once more, it emphasizes the attention to details and authenticity markings.


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