Replica Rolex Submariner Blue

Everyone loves a Rolex Submariner, the classic diving watch. This model looks fantastic in every possible version: black dial, silver dial, gold dial, silver case, gold case, two tone case. But who doesn’t love the blue dial one? This gorgeous dial reminds us of the deepest parts of the ocean and tempts with new adventures each day. It is such a great watch for wearing at the office, at events or even when going out. It looks perfect with every outfit and it gives you extra confidence and refinement.



The bezel of the Rolex Submariner Blue should make some ‘clicking” sounds when you turn it. A good quality Submariner replica watch makes exactly 120 clicks when you turn the bezel a full circle. Most often, fakes do not offer this feature correctly. If you want to be even more certain about the accuracy of the Rolex Submariner replica then count the number of clicks for a quarter of a turn. It should be exactly 30 clicks.

The Rolex Submariner dial is famous for its simple and distinctive design. It has very little functions and embellishments. Its core beauty lies in the fact that it is flawless. A good Submariner replica should never ever have any defects, not even the tiniest ones. This one doesn’t, as far as I can tell. As you can see from the pictures, there are no scratches, smudges, discolorations or writing flaws. It looks perfect.

The dial is nicely colored with a smooth black coating, the Rolex crown logo is positioned correctly under the 12 o’clock marker, the lettering is legible, the hour markers are clean and beautifully outlined by silvery margins, the hands are covered by luminor so they glow in the dark, and the date window has the correct 2.5X magnifying lens.


So you see, there is nothing complicated about differentiating the good replicas from the bad ones. You simply need to pay attention to the details and continue your search until you finally find an authentic looking Rolex Submariner fake watch.

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