Breitling Bentley Replica Watch Review

Since this puppy costs well over $10K as an original, I’m sure many of you will consider this Breitling replica to be the best option. It’s very hard for anybody to spot it as a fake by having a quick glance so there’s no need to worry there. It’s also very fun and comfortable to wear, looking almost like a piece of jewelry thanks to its bulky proportions and rose gold plating. It will surely stay in my collection for a long time, I see no reason not to.


Below we have a couple of pictures of a Breitling Navitimer replica and we will compare them with a photo of the original watch. The objective of this article is to determine how authentic looking the replica is. Usually, all fakes have a serious problem with cloning the dial accurately.The same thing goes for this Breitling replica watch. The dial has some major errors.

Firstly, the Breitling B-winged logo is way off. Sure, it is in the right position at 3 o’clock, but on the replica its inside is completely covered with gold color, while on the original watch this part is cut out. Secondly, the hour markers on the fake watch are in the wrong color. Instead of white these have been colored in gold. The same mistake can be seen in the date window. Its background should be white, but on the knockoff it is gold. And thirdly, the small dials are way off.


As I mentioned in the first paragraph we’re looking at a Quartz (battery run) movement in here that ticks both the large and small seconds hand that’s at 6 o’clock. Original pieces come with an automatic movement that sweeps the second hand so whoever knows this small piece of information can tell it’s a fake. The good side of having a battery run movement in here is that you get all the chronographs working for a good price. The 9 o’clock is a stopwatch and the 3 o’clock is a military hour chrono.

It’s a very fun watch to wear being massive and having such a good grip on the wrist. It look very much like a piece of jewelry and then like an expensive watch so it does the trick for both. If you’re in the market for a replica Breitling Bentley watch then I strongly suggest checking out this Breitling Bentley replica watch video review and looking at all the details on this watch just so you have a good and clear image of how a trendy and new and up to date Bretiling replica looks like.

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