Rolex Cosmograph Daytona replica watches series 116500LN-78590

This watch is the hottest this year,Rolex replica watches, when the launch of the Basel Watch Fair, aroused widespread hot. In essence, it is the old section and section steel Daytona is not much difference, just replace the original steel bezel with ceramic bezel, nothing else has changed. But only this, the market response was fierce, because the ceramic bezel While the Daytona series has been applied for many years, but until today, before being applied to the steel section of Daytona being.

Another interesting thing is that after the change of black ceramic ring, white plate more popular than the black plate, thus forming a strange trend, want to buy a new white plate election Daytona, like the old black disk on the election Daytona take. Unfortunately, this table is too hot, I want to buy in the country, have to wait for months.



Rolex  Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN-7859 model has been recommended by most personal worth buying entry-level Oyster watch, one low price threshold, on the other hand a little historical background. But honestly, past empty Pa, small size, few bright spots on the design, so a few years later did not stop the new.

This year, Rolex redesigned empty Pa, size to 40 mm, in line with modern man’s wrist diameter, built 3131 automatic movement , first use a combination of gold and green on the dial, Platinum 3/6/9 Arabic numerals, minute scale derived from the design of the instrument panel, switch to the Mercedes-Benz needle pointer. Overall, both beautiful, but also features, performance is also, as always, excellent. So, after this empty Pa introduced this year, it continued hot. The price, the public price of 48 000, indeed, the entry-level price Rolex.

Currently, the new 2016 Rolex only to a small part, there are many new products such as new explorer yacht Malibu and so they have not arrived.


The new replica Rolex  Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN-78590 steel watch with Rolex developed and patented black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring, high-tech aesthetics and extraordinary melting pot, this time to pay tribute to the legendary tradition of excellence meter . Its black and white dial design complement each other, it is sturdy elegance and perfect proportions of the model.

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