Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica Watch

Just because Rolex replicas are still the most wanted fake watches out there and of course because my uncle died for this replica Rolex watch I get the opportunity to write a photo review on it today. I hope you noticed that the title reads all stainless steel Rolex Sky-Dweller replica watch because this is what it is. I wanted to make this statement straight from the beginning because the original comes in white gold so don’t expect a 1:1 look and feel and glow on this particular piece in the Rolex replica watches because it’s virtually impossible if you ask me.

My uncle loves Rolex replica watches though like so many of you out there and as long as he’s taking good guidance from me I think he’s safe with his purchases.


As simple and as clean as a fake Rolex Sky Dweller watch can get. If you check out the pics below you’ll see that it has a really good glow and feel and it’s hard to tell the difference between white gold and good quality stainless steel at a glance. The fully polished case and the fluted bezel as well as the two-tone brushed and polished bracelet just kill it for that matter.

You’ll clearly see the sweeping seconds hand in the video. It’s powered by a good and reliable Japanese Myiota movement. Power reserve of over 24 hours so great for an all day every day wear. Too bad that the center piece is just for show but I could not find this piece with that feature integrated even on the Swiss movements so to me this is as good as it gets.

Dial has a very nice look to and it’s a great clone. Too bad the 24hour center piece is just for show but that’s about as much as one can expect from a Japanese automatic movement. I don’t think that even the Swiss movements on this model offers that full-on real experience so you should always want to check that out before you buy Swiss.

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